Humans of St Pats

‘Humans of St Pats’ (HOST) is a wellbeing initiative being developed by Ms Bronte Fitzmaurice and Mr Eoin Somerville. It will be based on Brandon Stanton’s renowned social media concept ‘Humans of New York’. Stanton describes the project’s background in the following quote: 

“Humans of New York (HONY) began as a photography project in 2010…somewhere along the way, I began to interview my subjects in addition to photographing them. And alongside their portraits, I’d include quotes and short stories from their lives.”  

We decided to adopt the idea within the walls of the college. We hope to provide a platform for students to express themselves and to speak openly about their past experiences, as well as outlining their ambitions for the future. HOST aims to provide a snapshot into the array of diverse talents and minds across our wider school community. We hope you enjoy getting an insight into the people behind the St Patrick’s College Cavan uniform. 

Ben Tierney 

“Hello, my name is Ben Tierney and I go to St Patrick’s College Cavan. Some of the most memorable moments of my time in St Pat’s would be when we won the Corn na nÓg final in second year. We bet St Pat’s Maghera, who had beaten us the previous year at D’alton level, so it was a really nice one to win. Some of my other fond memories include playing handball in first and second year which we can still play now in 6th year, but I would have spent more time playing it in my early years here. I have some great memories in the classroom whether they were for good or bad reasons, and it was always a memorable time with my class anyway! The teachers may not have always felt the same, but we always made the most our time here! Break-times were always great fun down at the football pitch or at the handball alleys or wherever our adventures may have taken us! I definitely wouldn’t regret attending St Pat’s because I think it’s a great school. It is also great for playing football and having the craic and I would highly recommend anyone to attend the school”

Brooklyn Igbojionu

“Hello, my name is Brooklyn Igbojionu and I’m a sixth-year student in St Patrick’s College Cavan. I really enjoyed my five years in St Pat’s and it’s crazy to think that it’s nearly over. I remember my first day like it was yesterday and that feeling of being nervous in St Augustine’s when I was meeting all my friends for the first time. I feel a bit sad thinking about how now we’re all going to leave and most of us might not talk to each other again. Next year, I’m hoping to go to UCD or Trinity College to study Computer Science……I’m just hoping I get the points! Last year with all the coronavirus thing going on, it kind of put a stop to our time in school and that was bad because in a way, it stole away some memories we would’ve had together. Again, with the lockdown this year, it stole away some of sixth year from us too. My favorite memory of St Pat’s would be when we got to the All-Ireland basketball final in the National Arena in TallaghtI can still remember everything about that day so clearly. Even after we lost, Mr. Rowley brought us down to Supermacs and despite being disappointed, everyone was so cheerful on the bus home because we never thought we would get to play basketball in somewhere like that. It was the culmination of all the effort and hard work we as a team put in”