John Hooper Statistics Competition National Winners 

The John Hooper Statistics Competition is a statistical analysis competition organised by the Central Statistics Office. The goal of the competition is to improve students’ abilities to describe their environment with the help of statistics and to use statistics as a tool for making sense of daily life. Students team together to research a topic of interest, analyse data collected and curate a digital poster and in doing so develop a host of 21st century skills. Every year students from St. Patrick’s College enter this highly competitive event and in April last Jack Browne, Daniel Brady and William Mc. Gibney succeeded in achieving an Order of Merit with their research topic. Unfortunately, the national awards ceremony held each year in October was cancelled this year. Well done to the students involved. 

The results as the digital poster designed by this team can be viewed at 

John Hooper – A Students Perspective 

Completing the John Hooper Medal for Statistics Competition was definitely a highlight of our TY experience. From completing our project entitled “screen dreams” we learned how to gather data, how to interpret and analyse data and how to present data effectively.

In order to complete the project, we gathered a sample of data from each year in the school and compiled and analysed the data received. We made correlations between the data and the effect it had on peoples screen time.

We also learned how to work effectively as a team and how to communicate with each other in order to complete the project.

We learned about the appropriate methods for representing data such as using pie charts, line graphs and bar charts.

Our project also enhanced our knowledge about peoples screen time and habits when using their devices. We learned the majority of our sample spend in excess of 4 hours in front of screen and they used their devices most before going to bed between 8pm and 10 pm. We then guessed that people may be having “screen dreams”

Overall, completing our project helped us bond together as a group while learning the important skills of communication and statistical analysis which may help us in our future career paths.

William Mc Gibney, Jack Browne and Daniel Brady

Maths Week 2020

Week is an international event originating in Ireland, where the world celebrates that ‘Maths Matters’. This was the motto of Maths Week events and competitions held this year in St. Patrick’s College, Cavan. Junior and Senior students participated in a host of school based and national competitions ensuring that students in the college get a flavour for Mathematics outside of the classroom and the importance of the subject in many sectors of everyday life. The national event held during October envisions “a society that values the power and beauty of maths 
and fully realises its potential to promote human flourishing”.  Annually the event attracts 400,000 participants across Ireland and involves the participation of a multitude of organisations 

Our school marked the event in many ways. The following events took place 

  • Mangahigh 
  • Maths TV 
  • Maths Olympiad 
  • Poster Competition 
  • Simultaneous simultaneous equations  
  • Bebras Problem Solving  
  • Daily problem-solving puzzles 

Well done to all students for their participation and in particular those who collected certificates and prizes for winning different competitions. Thank you to Ms. Fitzmaurice and Ms. Corcoran for coordinating the whole school event and to the Maths teachers in the school for facilitating and hosting different events throughout the week.