Cruinniú na nÓg orchestral Collaboration

Congratulations to Pádraig Conroy and Ruairí Griffin who were successful in their auditions for the Cruinniú na nÓg orchestral collaboration with the acclaimed composer Michael Rooney. They are part of a handful of musicians from Cavan who were chosen to take part in this event which will culminate in a performance in June. We wish them the best of luck!

6th Year Virtual Graduation 2021

Sunrise to Sunset Photography Challenge

A recent online photography competition was held in St. Patrick’s College to represent the geographical area from which students and teachers come. 
TY student, Johnny Hancu produced a slideshow representing this work. Mr. Tackney arranged music played by our students to accompany this.
Students and staff whose photos were deemed the most interesting are Brendan Lee, Byron Quaile, Colm Brady, John Donohoe and Matthew Chen, Ms. Flood, Mr.Brady, Mr. O’Shea, Ms. Briody and Ms. McMahon.

TU Tallaght Coding Module

TU Tallaght invited St Patrick’s College students to participate in a coding module pilot where students learned to use HTML, Microbit and Pyton. Students involved will receive a certificate after completing an assessment in each module.

St. Patrick’s College Christmas CD raises €1300 for the Cavan branch of SOSAD

The music and art department bolstered by a great TY sales team who managed to sell all the CDs in a few hours. Thanks to the school and local community who supported the project so generously to support such a worthy cause.

This is the 10th anniversary of this CD project which has gone from strength to strength over the years.  The CD features 10 original songs by students and the recordings feature the choir, traditional Irish group and orchestral players. Conor Gannon also produced a YouTube video to compliment the audio project. This years song was written by CJ Burns, Conor Gannon, Manus Graham and Joe Galligan

Front Row L-R: Conor Jordan CJ Burns Danielle from SOSAD Conor Gannon Manus Graham

Back Row: Ciarán Tackney Gwen Brady

Missing from photo: Joe Galligan

AILO (All Ireland Linguistic Olympiad)

AILO or the All Ireland Linguistic Olympiad is a contest in which secondary school students develop their own strategies for solving problems in fascinating languages from around the globe. Students must use their ingenuity to solve puzzles such as deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics, decoding numerical spy codes, and interpreting ancient Mayan poetry. No prior knowledge of linguistics or a second language is required, as even the hardest problems require only logical ability, patient work, and a willingness to think around corners.

AILO introduces students to linguistics (i.e. the study of human language) and to the application of logic to problems of language understanding and translation. The goal is to develop students’ problem-solving skills and to inspire them to consider the fascinating range of careers at the intersection of computing, linguistics and language.

On Monday, January 25th nine students from St. Patrick’s College competed in this challenging contest where the students undertook 2.5 hours of rigorous problem solving. Nationally 61 schools participated with the top 100 students going forward for the National Final in March. Those who succeed at the National Final will go on the represent Ireland internationally. This year the school is delighted to announce that two students from Transition Year have qualified for the National Final. They are Ahmed Cheema and James Dolan. This is a fabulous achievement by both students and their teacher Ms. Corcoran. We wish both students the very best of luck in the National Final in March.

Across is a piece penned by the successful students.


James Dolan

My teacher gave us various linguistic questions for us to practice on, and we met up every Tuesday to correct the questions and see how we did. The questions are focused around working out the grammar and rules of a specific part of a language, based on the few translations that are provided. They are difficult questions but really enjoyable when you solve them. I found the questions in the competition especially hard, and was very happy to see that I qualified.

Ahmed Cheema

Participation in this year’s AILO preliminary round was a great experience. It’s a great competition for challenging your problem solving skills, and you feel immense satisfaction when you complete a tough question.

A Well Earned Christmas

This year’s song ‘A Well Earned Christmas’ was written by CJ Burns, Conor Gannon, Manus Graham and Joe Galligan. This is the 10th consecutive year in which the St. Pat’s Christmas track has been played on radio programmes on Northern sound with Charlie Mc Gettigan and Martin Donohoe having played it in previous years. This year’s CD was a fundraiser for SOSAD. 

About Presenter – Paul Carrington

Paul is a veteran broadcast professional of some 38 years. He has worked for both the Commercial Radio sector and for the BBC in the UK. For the past 3 years, he can be heard on Ireland’s Shannonside Northern Sound. His areas of expertise include Radio Programme presentation & production, Commercial Production and Voiceovers. He is also a technician who specialises in vintage electronics maintenance, in particular, DAT Recorder repairs. He can be quite useful to know!

Viewers of ITV’s “Emmerdale” will often see Paul sinking a few pints of Ephraim Monk in The Woolpack as one of the background regulars (he’s an Emmerdale Extra!)

Knights of St Columbanus Debating

The following students were Regional winners of the Knights of St Columbanus debating competition 2020. Pictured with their voucher prizes are (Left to right) Jack Browne, William McGibney, Martin McGibney, Barry Flynn, Conor Gannon and Dylan Brady

Christmas Card Competition

Congratulations to Isaac Mhlanga- Newman Dixon 1st year.. On winning the Chirstmas Card Competition 2020. 

Also to D’nis (Lance) Santillan for the beautiful design chosen as part of our Christmas Decoration display at St Pats College. 
Well done on your festive art work. 

TY Christmas Presentation

Well done to TY students who together with their teachers Ms Dawn McKeon and Ms Anne Kavanagh created festive Christmas logs and Christmas Wreaths and Festive Frames. 

The Christmas logs were donated to the residents of the Direct Provision Centre in Ballinamore at an event in Ballinamore last Saturday. 

The Wreaths and festive frames will be given to College View nursing home and St Christopher’s Hopice Cavan 

Transition years will also be in involved in the sale of the college Christmas CD which is in aid of SOSAD. Well done to Mr Tackney and all involved in that Musical masterpiece. 

TY Christmas Trip

Very enjoyable day had by all yesterday at Jump Street and Carrick Carting.  Thanks for facilitating it at short notice. 

The students were very well behaved and seemed to really enjoy it. 

I would like to make it an annual destination.  It was well ran between 3 different events, nice food for the students and good coffee for teachers!

Special mention needs to go to Mr Sommervile and Mr McKiernan who really enhanced the day helping with organisation and with their fair firm discipline.  Thanks very much to you both, it was a pleasure. 

10th Anniversary Edition of our Christmas CD

Our Christmas CD features all songs written and performed by students of the college from 2011 to 2020.

The CD is available for purchase from Multisound, Cavan and the college office. Funds raised from this years release will be in aid of SOSAD – Cavan Branch.

1st Year Art 

1st year students were inspired by street artist around the world

Transition Year Shoe Designs

Transition year students taking inspiration from the Mental Health Campaign – Walk in my Shoes.

All Ireland Semi Finals 2020

All four counties in this years All Ireland Semi Final was supported in St Pats. 

Best Wishes to Cavan in the All Ireland Semi Finals

Wishing Mickey and the Cavan team all the best in tomorrow’s game from everyone here in St Patrick’s College. Full support here with lots of colours on show.

John Hooper – Student Perspective

Completing the John Hooper Medal for Statistics Competition was definitely a highlight of our TY experience. From completing our project entitled “screen dreams” we learned how to gather data, how to interpret and analyse data and how to present data effectively.

In order to complete the project, we gathered a sample of data from each year in the school and compiled and analysed the data received. We made correlations between the data and the effect it had on peoples screen time.

We also learned how to work effectively as a team and how to communicate with each other in order to complete the project.

We learned about the appropriate methods for representing data such as using pie charts, line graphs and bar charts.

Our project also enhanced our knowledge about peoples screen time and habits when using their devices. We learned the majority of our sample spend in excess of 4 hours in front of screen and they used their devices most before going to bed between 8pm and 10 pm. We then guessed that people may be having “screen dreams”

Overall, completing our project helped us bond together as a group while learning the important skills of communication and statistical analysis which may help us in our future career paths.

William Mc Gibney, Jack Browne and Daniel Brady

Wellbeing Module

1st Year students took part in a Wellbeing Walk on Wednesday morning. Many thanks to Ms O Murphy for facilitating it.

Science Week 2020

Tuesday morning (November 10th) TY students hosted a Science Quiz for first year students. Many thanks to Ms Sheils for helping to organise this event.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Weeks October 2020

1. “No Homework Thursday” (Thursday 15th) for first and second year students

2. Treasure Hunt Thursday  (15th) for First Years organised by TYs and Ms Marie Henry

3. Quiz (Tuesday 20th) for 2nd Years facilitated TYs and Ms Ann Kavanagh

4. An Tobar Nua Workshop (Wednesday 21st) for 5th years facilitated by TYs and Ms Ann Kavanagh

5. Run Around Pitch for 5th Years – all teachers

6. Wellbeing Walls – one in St. Augustines and one in New Building facilitated by Ms Dawn McKeown

7. Continuation of workshop led by Aware for 6th Years with Marie Henry

8. Various Mindfulness and “Mind Your Emotional Health” exercises delivered by RSE and SPHE Depts.

9. Music through school’s PA system at little break and Inspirational Words read by Bernie Harte

10. ‘Take a Break’ with KitKats  (Thursday 15th) and ‘Thank Crunchie it’s Friday’  (Friday 16th) with some Home Economics classes. Ms Croline Crotty and Ms Yvonne Smith and Leaving Certificate Teachers

Thanks to the Wellbeing Student Team assisted by the Staff Wellbeing who worked to make these weeks so successful.

Maths Week 2020

Week is an international event originating in Ireland, where the world celebrates that ‘Maths Matters’. This was the motto of Maths Week events and competitions held this year in St. Patrick’s College, Cavan. Junior and Senior students participated in a host of school based and national competitions ensuring that students in the college get a flavour for Mathematics outside of the classroom and the importance of the subject in many sectors of everyday life. The national event held during October envisions “a society that values the power and beauty of maths 
and fully realises its potential to promote human flourishing”.  Annually the event attracts 400,000 participants across Ireland and involves the participation of a multitude of organisations 

Our school marked the event in many ways. The following events took place 

  • Mangahigh 
  • Maths TV 
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Poster Competition 
  • Simultaneous simultaneous equations  
  • Bebras Problem Solving  
  • Daily problem-solving puzzles 

Well done to all students for their participation and in particular those who collected certificates and prizes for winning different competitions. Thank you to Ms. Fitzmaurice and Ms. Corcoran for coordinating the whole school event and to the Maths teachers in the school for facilitating and hosting different events throughout the week.