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VSware Instructions

VSware is the school administration system.  It will allow you to view your son’s subject choices, pay necessary costs electronically, and later give you access to your son’s timetable, attendance records and school reports.

To access VSware, click on the above icon.

a)      Click on the words ‘Create/Reset Password

b)      Enter your Username, which you received from the school

c)      Enter the last four digits of the mobile phone number on which you received the school text message

d)      Click ‘Validate’, the system will automatically generate a code which you will receive by text message

e)      Enter this code to log in successfully

f)       Please store/record your Username and Password carefully.  In keeping with GDPR regulations, the school does not have access to your password

To access school reports, select ‘Term Reports‘ where you can view the Summer 2020 report and any other previous reports issued.

Covid 19

St Patrick’s College has implemented the following changes in order to comply with new regulations……

Covid Updates

For further information and upadates on Covid 19 proceedures in our school, please follow this link.


What do I need to have submitted to the school as a new parent?

You will need to have the following:

  • Application Form
  • Subject Choice Form

What is the school Code of Behaviour?

Our Policy on Code of Behaviour along with other policy documents are available on our School Policy Page.

What do I need to remember in my interactions with the school?
  • In the interest of security, always report to the school office when you come to the school
  • Ensure we have an emergency contact number
  • Notes please for every absence-including if a child needs to leave school early
  • We do not allow pupils to go home to an empty house. Pupils should be collected if going home during the school day.
  • Please drive slowly as you enter the school grounds.
  • What do I do if my child experiences difficulties in School?

Please tell us of any problems your child is experiencing at school, early detection can assist greatly in finding a speedy resolution.



Student Canteen Card



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