Christmas Trip

Ice Skating & Shopping

The transition year students of St.Patrick’s College went on a trip to Blanchardstown, Dublin. We left the school around 8:30am. Then arrived up in Blancherstown and started our day with some ice-skating. Some of the boys skated and raced around the ice, while others clinged onto the sides for dear life. Regardless I think it would be safe to say all concerned had a lot of fun. 

After enjoying the ice skating, we all walked over to the shopping centre. After setting a meeting point we all split up into our own little groups. All the boys went to different shops and bought their own little things. Although, I think it’s safe to say, we all went for food at some point as I heard many complaining about being hungry on their bus journey up. Around 3pm, we all met back at the meeting point. We all hopped back on the buses and took off for home. 

The bus home was still very loud and energetic even after such a long day. The general consensus seemed to be that of a fun and enjoyable day. We all arrived back at the school at around 5pm. All in all, it was a great day and I would recommend it as a school trip for anyone. 

Bebras Ireland Challenge

The Bebras Challenge tests the logic and computational skills of students through different types of fun and challenging problems.