Transition Year is a bridging year between Junior and leaving cycle. TY is an opportunity to nurture your talents, discover new talents you never knew you had, explore new ways of learning, engage in new experiences, have fun, mature and learn, all of which will better prepare you for senior cycle. You will gain life skills, friendships and memories that will stay with you throughout your life so enjoy and embrace every second. 

Key values in Transition Year are: 

  1. You get out of TY what you put in 
  2. With great freedom, comes great responsibility. Take pride in it and work hard for yourself, your classmates, teachers and parents, create learning opportunities, don’t set limits for yourself and aim high!

 The Transition Year Opportunity 

Transition Year can give you opportunities to: 

  •  Develop a variety of new skills
  • Discover more about your own personal strengths – what you are good at
  • Learn more about the working world through work experience
  • Explore the possibilities offered by Universities and online learning.
  • Sample and discover new subjects
  • Build a solid foundation of skills for a Leaving Certificate programme
  • Take part in outdoor pursuits/ try new sports
  • Work as part of a team
  •  Make informed choices about Leaving Certificate subjects
  •  Visit third-level colleges and other workplaces
  • Improve your skills of relating to people
  • Become a more independent learner
  •  Become skilled at planning and doing homework on our own
  •  Develop more understanding and confidence about yourself as a person
  • Develop more mature student-teacher relationships
  •  Learn about leadership, co-operation and dealing with conflict
  • Become more motivated for the Leaving Certificate programme
  • Add a valuable set of experiences to your CV
  •  Become a more mature person